Sentence Examples

  • Comfortable: These briefs are cool and comfortable, particularly during the warmer months when it can feel excruciating to have any type of clothing against your skin.
  • There, a man by the name of Roy Raymond decided that he had had it with trying to purchase lingerie at women's department stores; the embarrassment was excruciating, and the sales help, paltry.
  • A screaming child may not be misbehaving - rather, they may be experiencing the fabric of their shirt or the sounds in their environment as excruciating pain.
  • If the pain isn't too excruciating for you, blossom the tattoo out from there, and create a collage that symbolizes your existence in more than one way.
  • If you have skinny calves, it can be an excruciating task to wander from store to store, never knowing if you'll find that perfect pair of sexy boots.