Sentence Examples

  • The adjoint determinant will be seen subsequently to present itself in the theory of linear equations and in the theory of linear transformation.
  • Let there be 2n equations r }}?
  • Linear Equations.-It is of importance to study the application of the theory of determinants to the solution of a system of linear equations.
  • Suppose given the n equations fl= = allxl +a12x2 + � � � + annxn = 0, f2 =a21x1+a22x2+���+a2nxn =0, fn =anlxl +an2x2+��� +annxn = 0.
  • Denote by A the determinant (a11a22���ann)� Multiplying the equations by the minors A l, .., A2,,,,���Ani., respectively, and adding, we obtain x 1 (ai, Aig+a2p.A2lc+���+an�An�) =x�A=o, since from results already given the remaining coefficients of x 11' x 2, ...x � 'i x�+I,...x, vanish identically.

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