Sentence Examples

  • First cleansed; then plied with laudatory epithets; and, thirdly,.
  • The first session was tumultuous; party feeling ran high, and scurrilous and vulgar epithets were bandied to and fro.
  • The name indicates the existence of the same conception regarding sacred edifices in Assyria as in Babylonia, where we find such names as E-Kur ("mountain house") for the temple of Bel at Nippur, and E-Saggila ("lofty house") for Marduk's temple at Babylon and that of Ea at Eridu, and in view of the general dependence of Assyrian religious beliefs as of Assyrian culture in general, there is little reason to doubt that the name of Assur's temple represents a direct adaptation of such a name as E-Kur, further embellished by epithets intended to emphasize the supreme control of the god to whom the edifice was dedicated.
  • Two curious epithets in this connexion deserve notice: Xvy03Eo a ("bound with withies"), derived from the legend that the image of Artemis Orthia was found in a thicket of withies, which twined round it and kept it upright (Xi yos is the agnus castus, and points to Artemis in her relation to women); and Cura-yxop. vr 7 ("the suspended"), probably a reference to the custom of hanging the mask or image of a vegetation-divinity on a tree to obtain fertility (Farnell, Cults of the Greek States, ii.
  • The designations and epithets which are in earlier times applied.

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