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  • Rivault's edition (Paris, 1615) gave the enunciations in Greek and the proofs in Latin some what retouched.
  • It is Clarke's defence of free will, Clarke's idealist theory of eternal " fitness " as the basis of ethical distinctions, perhaps Clarke's teaching on immortality, that Butler regards as " the common known arguments " and authoritative enunciations of truth in the regions of philosophy or Natural Theology.'
  • But the desire to obtain general enunciations of theorems without exceptional cases has led mathematicians to employ entities of ever-ascending types of elaboration.
  • The De Interpretatione, or the enumeration of conceptions and their combinations by (I) nouns and verbs (names), (2) enunciations (propositions); 3.
  • So in the Categories, he first divided things said 0ra XEy6 i 1Eva) into uncombined and combined, or names and propositions, and then divided the former into categories; and in the De interpretatione he expressly excluded mental conceptions and their combinations, and confined himself to nouns and verbs and enunciations, or, as we should say, to names and propositions.

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