Sentence Examples

  • His enunciation of his theory is itself destructive of that theory.
  • The enunciation by Descartes of the conception that the physical universe, whether living or not living, is a mechanism, and that, as such, it is explicable on physical principles.
  • For thirty years he laboured with ever-increasing success, due not to any attractions of manner or to the enunciation of novel or bizarre opinions, but to the soundness of his investigations, the impartiality of his judgments, and the clearness of his method.
  • Though his voice was weak, his enunciation was distinct; the expression of his face cheerful; his manner and conversation.
  • In his famous " Nicholson letter " of December 1847 he made what was probably the earliest enunciation of the doctrine of " popular sovereignty," namely, that the people of the territories should decide for themselves whether or not they should have slavery.