Sentence Examples

  • There were repeated actual encounters in different places, mostly excited by Polish bands, the so-called Bajowkas, recruited from Congress Poland, and the territory of Posnania which has been ceded under the Treaty.
  • On the other hand, the theory encounters a very serious difficulty in the fact that all molecules possess a great number of possibilities of internal motion, as is shown by the number of distinct lines in their spectra both of emission and of absorption.
  • S., led to the rapid rise of Banjaluka, which was thenceforward the scene of many encounters between Austrians and Turks; notably in 1527, 1688 and 1737.
  • Many of the towns were the scenes of encounters between the Boers and British, March 1900-May 1902.
  • But the remainder of the Manchurian campaign, like the second half of the war of 1859, was nothing more than a series of violent and resuitless encounters of huge armies - armies far larger than those which had fought out the real struggle for supremacy at Liao-Yang and Magenta.

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