Sentence Examples

  • For the law relating to "licensed retreats" for inebriates, see Inebriety, Law Of.
  • Regular clerks are by their institute clerics and priests, and they are devoted to some particular work or works as their own special object - as education, the preaching of missions and retreats, or the going on missions to the heathen.
  • The estuary of the Dee is divided at its head by the peninsula of St Mary's Isle, but though the harbour is the best in south-western Scotland, the great distance to which the tide retreats impairs its usefulness.
  • The fertile low grounds on the east have offered facilities for the invasions of Romans, Norsemen and English, while the mountain fastnesses of the interior and the west have served as secure retreats for the older Celtic population.
  • He was zealous for the establishment of religious communities, both of men and women, and for the holding of retreats and missions.