Sentence Examples

  • Her bright spirits returned with effusive thanks; she offered to take the Deans to dinner in gratitude for her afternoon adventure, but they declined.
  • " Tenderness " she had abundantly, and it revealed itself not only in effusive sentimentality, as with Rousseau and Chateaubriand, but in active benevolence; " justice " too she had in so far as she sincerely wished that all men should share alike her happiness; but of " holiness," that sense of awe and reverence that was felt in divers kinds and degrees by Isaiah, Sophocles, Virgil and St Paul, she had not a rudimenatry conception.
  • Normally phlegmatic hacks find themselves melting into rivulets of tears and effusive praise.
  • They are of course getting an effusive formal welcome.
  • I 'm including a couple of reviews to spare you more of my effusive prose.

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