Sentence Examples

  • Mrs. Fawcett had for many years been interested in the higher education of women and in their economic and political future, and was one of the early workers for women's suffrage, becoming more prominent in the cause after her husband's death (1884).
  • Owing to the historical past of Naples, and its social and economic condition at the end of the 17th century, the only study that really flourished there was that of law; and this soon penetrated from the courts to the university, and was raised to the level of a science.
  • He adopted the economic principles of List, and founded a society, the "Vedegylet," the members of which were to consume none but home produce.
  • The rugged nature of the country made slavery unprofitable, and time only increased the social, political and economic differences between the two sections of the state.
  • Though harmful to the economic condition of the island, it left agriculture comparatively unaffected, because the insolvent institutions had never fulfilled the objects of their foundation.

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