Sentence Examples

  • He always eats the grain I leave for him.
  • Well … maybe you should get Hannah and Ully out before Jared eats them.  I can tell you that stuff later.
  • After he eats all the aphids, what are we going to do, starve him, or buy more aphids?
  • The food of the adult is almost exclusively animal, - insects, especially large ants, snails, lizards and snakes, but it also eats certain large red berries.
  • The Indians and negroes of Colombia believe the plants known to them as guaco to have been so named after a species of kite, thus designated in imitation of its cry, which they say attracts to it the snakes that serve it principally for food; they further hold the tradition that their antidotal qualities were discovered through the observation that the bird eats of their leaves, and even spreads the juice of the same on its wings, during contests with its prey.

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