Sentence Examples

  • In districts like that of Cripple Creek their enormous ore "dumps" dot the mountain flanks like scores of vast ant-hills; and in Eagle River canyon their mouths, like dormer windows into the granite mountain roof, may be seen 2000 ft.
  • It's gotten me down in the dumps lately.
  • Betsy remained down in the dumps over Martha's departure but per usual, she successfully researched the Internet and found directions to eight different camping parks in the area.
  • The copper output was of slight importance until 1889 - $ 1, 457,749 in 1905, and $1,544,918 in 1907; and that of zinc was nil until 1902, when discoveries made it possible to rework for this metal enormous dumps of waste material about the mines, and in 1906 the zinc output was valued at $5,304,884.
  • A bolt dumps the grain into the bin, where it remains until the pulling of a lever lets it into the cars.