Sentence Examples

  • Oops. You know, a bartender who fills the glass so high it spills over on the napkin and he has to say 'oops'?
  • As the tank fills, the water enters the upper chamber and carries with it the flax and the beams, the latter being prevented from rising too high.
  • Of these the most extensive, as well as the most lofty, is that which fills up almost the whole southern portion of the island, and is generally designated by modern geographers as Mount Olympus, though that name appears to have been applied by the ancients only to one particular peak.
  • Ursulae (Cologne, 1647), and the Bollandist Acta Sanctorum, 21st October, where the story fills 230 folio pages.
  • The codification of the law of Augsburg in 1276 already fills a moderate volume in print (ed.

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