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  • The literature bearing on the subject is given with some fulness in the appendix to R.
  • The acacias and the Rosaceae yield their gums most abundantly when sickly and in an abnormal state, caused by a fulness of sap in the young tissues, whereby the new cells are softened and finally disorganized; the cavities thus formed fill with liquid, which exudes, dries and constitutes the gum.
  • In precision and fulness of detail the Ymagines are inferior to the chronicles of the so-called Benedict and of Hoveden.
  • Bain, Mental Science, pp. 422, seq.) A similar incompleteness in the statement of moral principles is found if we turn to Reid's disciple, Dugald Stewart, whose Philosophy of the Active and Moral Powers of Man (1828) contains the general view of Butler and Reid, and to some extent that of Price, - expounded with more fulness and precision, but without important original additions or modifications.
  • Another institution treated with considerable fulness in the treatise Taanith is that of the -nyn 'th (y iri stationis), who are represented as having been laymen severally representing the twenty-four classes or families into which the whole commonwealth of the laity was divided.

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