Sentence Examples

  • Posteratiti has an excellent collection, too, of poster-theme paperback and hardcover books including great cowboys, Academy Award winners, horror films and even posters that hail from the days of drive-in movies.
  • Older people (and those who like older movies) will remember the snack bar jingles from the old drive-in movies and theater run ones: Let's all go to the lobby and get yourself a treat and so on.
  • Today, the company owns multiple inspection centers, drive-in claim centers, and 14 division offices. 21st Century Insurance Company is the seventh largest auto insurance company in California.
  • In addition, Ogden High School and Kirt's Family Drive-In in North Ogden were also background staples on the show, and to this day they still attract camera-toting Everwood fans to the area.
  • Continuing its reputation for leading the industry, Allstate developed drive-in claim offices and worked with automakers to increase vehicle safety.