Sentence Examples

  • Returning home he tore up the draughts of some thousands of verses which he had composed and threw them in the fire, and repairing to the grand mosque of Ghazni he wrote upon the walls, at the place where the sultan was in the habit of praying, the following lines: "The auspicious court of Mahmud, king of Zabulistan, is like a sea.
  • Citric acid is used in calico printing, also in the preparation of effervescing draughts, as a refrigerant and sialogogue, and occasionally as an antiscorbutic, instead of fresh lemon juice.
  • Water must now be copiously supplied to the border, and air admitted in abundance, but cold draughts which favour the attack of mildew must be avoided.
  • That it was a place of common resort is shown by Euripides (Medea, 68 f.), where it is said that the elders were to be found "near the august waters of Pirene, playing draughts (irEVVoi) ."
  • He was much engaged at the same time in remedying smoking chimneys, and as late as 1785 wrote to Jan Ingenhousz, physician to the emperor of Austria, on chimneys and draughts; smoking street lamps he remedied by a simple contrivance.

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