Sentence Examples

  • As long as he knows he can return to his secure haven, Pisces is content to swim deep and long in his private solitaire world since he knows his beloved will greet him with open arms, acceptance and non-judgment whenever he resurfaces.
  • Rings are the most popular options, and the company has a range of men's and women's styles to choose from including diamond solitaire rings, three stone rings, tension settings, and engraved rings for the ultimate in personalization.
  • Even couples interested in a simple diamond solitaire will be impressed with the amazing style range and customized service of specialized boutiques, making a visit to these stores well worthwhile when choosing an engagement ring.
  • Bridal Set: A bridal set engagement ring with oval diamonds may have a simple, chic solitaire paired with extra diamonds in the wedding band, or accent stones can be part of the engagement ring with a simple, plain wedding band.
  • The most common version of solitaire is Klondike, a standard 52-card game in which a player begins with seven piles of cards and attempts to transfer all the cards on the table and left over in order to just four stacks, one of each suit.