Sentence Examples

  • There was lots of stuff about the 'soiled doves' but not very many full names.
  • In life, however, its appearance must be wholly unlike, for it rarely flies, hops actively on the ground or among bushes, with its tail erect or turned towards its head, and continually utters various and strange notes, - some, says Darwin, are "like the cooing of doves, others like the bubbling of water, and many defy all similes."
  • There are no large game birds, but song birds and doves are numerous on the mountains, and flamingoes and other water-birds frequent the coast.
  • The walls are in many places coated with stucco adorned with frescoes, including palms, doves, labara and other Christian symbols.
  • The commonest birds are pigeons (the large notou and other varieties), doves, parrots, kingfishers and ducks.

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