Sentence Examples

  • The peacemaker of the brothers, Andre instinctively used his gift of mind control to counter the tempers of his fiery brothers.
  • He was their elder, the peacemaker, and the executioner.
  • Another source of trouble was the attitude of the emperor Sigismund, who, not content with protecting by his presence and as far as possible directing the deliberations of the "Universal Church," followed on more than one occasion a policy of violence and threats, a policy all the more irritating since, weary of his previously assumed role of peacemaker between the Christian powers, he had abruptly allied himself with the king of England, and adopted an extremely hostile attitude towards the king of France.
  • The pope's attempt to unite the grandi having failed, he summoned Charles of Valois to come to his assistance, promising him the imperial crown; in 1301 Charles entered Italy, and was created by the pope paciaro or peacemaker of Tuscany, with instructions to crush the Bianchi and the popolo and exalt the Neri.
  • During the following years she became known to an increasingly wide circle, especially as a peacemaker, and entered into correspondence with many friends.

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