Sentence Examples

  • Importantly, Cayce never mentioned the date, 2012 or gave any date for the Earth changes he saw coming, although many websites inaccurately attribute Cayce as giving specific dates for such doomsday events.
  • Although the Mayans devised a calendar that ended on December 21, 2012, and although Mayan hieroglyphics suggest they believed in a doomsday, the link between these two facts are not entirely conclusive.
  • It's important to note that there are over thirty Mayan calendars, but because this one ends abruptly without any explanation, it has become fodder for doomsday prophecies and theories.
  • While it's comforting to think the shift will be a spiritual one and not like the movie 2012, doomsday theories are the most commonly held beliefs for the date.
  • There were some scenes where you wanted to lean in to the T.V. set with your fists clenched, begging for the Doomsday Machine to be destroyed.