Sentence Examples

  • Prestige Adult Captain Jack Sparrow Costume: This costume is a variation of the Deluxe costume with the addition of tri-corner hat, wig, a dark brown jacket falling almost to the knees, a waist sash with ornamentation and the boot tops.
  • Zhu Zhu pets deluxe city sky mall set includes two hamsters, a Metro Lift Elevator, Mall Pet Shop, Overpass Tunnels, U-turn, Y-intersection, Red Sports Car with garage, either a Fashion Boutique or Hair Salon, and a Movie Theater.
  • The gifts can include full retail size products of cosmetics and skin care, limited edition specialty items, or deluxe sample sizes perfect for testing out a new product or stashing in your carry-on bag during your next vacation.
  • The filmmakers will make that DVD available, but know that they are very likely also planning an even bigger release several months down the line, anticipating that you will like it so much, you'll want this deluxe edition.
  • For example, if you don't care about your clothes, but you're passionate about horror movies, it's fine to shop for your wardrobe at the Salvation Army so you can splurge on a deluxe DVD box set for your movie collection.