Sentence Examples

  • In 1792 the quantity exported from the United States was only 1 It is related that in the year 1784 William Rathbone, an American merchant resident in Liverpool, received from one of his correspondents in the southern states a consignment of eight bags of cotton, which on its arrival in Liverpool was seized by the customhouse officers, on the allegation that it could not have been grown in the United States, and that it was liable to seizure under the Shipping Acts, as not being imported in a vessel belonging to the country of its growth.
  • Other principal public buildings, nearly all to be included in modern schemes of development, are the city hall, occupying the site of the old Linen Hall, in Donegall Square, estimated to cost £300,000; the commercial buildings (1820) in Waring Street, the customhouse and inland revenue office on Donegall Quay, the architect of which, as of the court house, was Sir Charles Lanyon, and some of the numerous banks, especially the Ulster Bank.
  • Public Buildings, Institutions, eec. - The principal public building in the city is the Federal building (1895-1898), the post office, customhouse and local headquarters for the United States courts.
  • Moreover, he ordered that "no officer should be required or permitted to take part in the management of political organizations, caucuses, conventions or election campaigns," and that "no assessment for political purposes on officers or subordinates should be allowed"; and he removed from their offices the heads of the post-office in St Louis and of the customhouse in New York - influential party managers - on the ground that they had misused their official positions for partisan ends.
  • The customhouse and government offices present an imposing frontage to the sea, and the principal houses are of white coral stone three storeys high.