Sentence Examples

  • He pulled out a fingernail clipper and began clipping his nails, sending little white crescents flying about the room.
  • As stated above, the lower molars have the crown formed by a pair of crescents; the last having no third lobe.
  • Within the city are four similar canals (grachten) with their ends resting on the Y, extending in the form of polygonal crescents nearly parallel to each other and to the outer canal.
  • The praeseptal cavity is a vascular space, since it is in free communication with the dorsal vessel of the larva, and it persists in part as the two lophophoral vascular crescents of the adult.
  • Indeed the profusion of articles of gold which have been found is remarkable; in the Dublin Museum may be seen bracelets, armlets, finger-rings, torques, crescents, gorgets, necklets, fibulae and diadems, all of solid gold and most exquisite workmanship.

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