Sentence Examples

  • Since the plates are very near one another we may use the following equation of the surface as an approximation: y= h1+Ax+Bx 2, h2=h1+Aa+Ba2, whence cot a 1 = - A, cot a 2 =A+2Ba T(cos a i +cos a 2) = +3Ba2), whence we obtain h, = g (cos a, +cos a 2) +6 (2 cot a, - cot a2) h 2 = - T (cos a,+cos a 2) +6 cot a2 - cot al) Let X be the force which must be applied in a horizontal direction to either plate to keep it from approaching the other, then the forces acting on the first plate are T+X in the negative direction, and T sin a t + 2gph 1 2 in the positive direction.

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