Sentence Examples

  • It was destroyed by fire in 1850, and serious conflagrations occurred again in 18J3 and 1855.
  • But owing to the physiological effect carbon bisulphide has on the workmen, coupled with the chemical action of impure carbon bisulphide on iron which has frequently led to conflagrations, the employment of carbon bisulphide must remain restricted.
  • Many beautiful statues, belonging to good periods of Greek and Roman art, decorated the fora, streets and public buildings of the city, but conflagrations and the vandalism of the Latin and Ottoman conquerors of Constantinople have robbed the world of those treasures.
  • It is therefore perhaps misleading actually to class the sun with them; but it seems highly probable that whatever cause produces the periodic outbursts of spots and faculae on our sun differs only in degree from that which, in stars under a different physical condition of pressure and temperature, results in the gigantic conflagrations which we have been considering.
  • But in historical times the association of this god with conflagrations becomes very apparent; when Augustus organized the city in regiones and vici to check the constant danger from fires, the magistri vicorum (officers of administrative districts) worshipped him as Volcanus quietus augustus (C.I.L.

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