Sentence Examples

  • Troy has three times been visited by severe conflagrations, that of June 1820 entailing a loss of about $1,000,000, that of August 1854 about the same, and that of May 1862, known as "the Great Fire," the destruction of over Soo buildings, and a property loss of some $3,000,000.
  • Further conflagrations in 1728 and 1780 gave a severe blow to its prosperity.
  • It has more than once suffered from conflagrations - for example, in 1719 and 1808.
  • Finally the parties still in the trenches slipped away, and when dawn broke the Turks, who had first ascertained that something unusual was afoot from the explosion of a vast mine in the Anzac area, and from conflagrations on the beaches where the few stores to be abandoned were being destroyed, discovered that the invaders were gone.
  • Conflagrations are frequent, particularly in the months of January and December, when hot, dry winds resembling the Fdhn of the Alps come down from the snow-capped Elburz.

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