Sentence Examples

  • Of his celebrated work On Grief (Hepi 7r v00us), a letter of condolence to his friend Hippocles on the death of his children, numerous extracts have been preserved in Plutarch's Consolatio ad Apollonium and in the De consolatione of Cicero, who speaks of it (Acad.
  • Cobden spoke some words of condolence, but "after a time he looked up and said, ` There are thousands of homes in England at this moment where wives, mothers and children are dying of hunger.
  • Khalid, sent the insignia of the Caliphate, with letters of condolence and congratulation, to Musa in Jorjan, and brought the army which had accompanied Mandi peacefully back from Media to Bagdad.
  • He expressed condolences to all those affected by the bombing.
  • She sent a condolence message with the flowers.

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