Sentence Examples

  • This process is called conceptual synthesis, the possibility of which is a sine qua non for the exchange of information by speech and writing.
  • (I) He perceived the importance of the universal or conceptual element in knowledge, and thus at a single stroke broke through the hard realism of ordinary common sense, disproved all forms of naturalism that were founded on the denial of the reality of thought, and cut away the ground from a merely sensational and subjective idealism.
  • If what is real in things is ultimately nothing but their relations, and if relations are inconceivable apart from the relating mind, what is this but the dissolution of the solid ground of external reality which my consciousness seems to assure me underlies and eludes all the conceptual network by which I try to bring one part of my experience into connexion with another ?
  • As the same writer puts it: " There is such a thing as numerical difference, different from conceptual difference," 2 or expressing the same thing in other words " there are relations not grounded in the nature of the related terms."
  • Their point is to stretch Hume's phenomenalism so as to embrace all science, by contending that mechanism is not at the bottom of phenomena, but is only the conceptual shorthand by aid of which men of 'science can briefly describe phenomena, and that all science is description and not explanation.

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