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  • A new era began with the great critical edition of certain plays by Ritschl, 1848-1854, in which a collation of A was used; a revised and completed form of this work was commenced by Ritschl himself and continued by his disciples Goetz, Loewe and Schoell, 1871-1894: and of this an entirely rewritten editio minor by Goetz and Schoell appeared in1893-1896(continued by a 2nd ed.
  • The text of the second was based on the fullest collation of MSS.
  • A wide range in space was proved by the identification of the Inselsteine and the Ialysus vases with the new style, and a wide range in time by collation of the earlier Theraean and Hissarlik discoveries.
  • The whole of antiquity seemed precious in the eyes of its discoverers; and even a thinker so acute as Pico di Mirandola dreamed of the possibility of extracting the essence of philosophical truth by indiscriminate collation of the most divergent doctrines.
  • Sichard at Basel in 1529, and reissued by Heinrich Peter in 1549 another edition appeared at St Blaise in 1790 under the supervision of Ussermann; and a third, as a result of the collation of numerous MSS., forms part of vol.

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