Sentence Examples

  • I've been on climbs in all kinds of weather, some all day, rappelling down at dusk, nearly in the dark, with wind and snow trying to blow me off the wall.
  • It grows to a length of 5 ft., climbs extremely well, feeds chiefly on mice, and becomes very tame.
  • Mummery, My Climbs in the Alps (1895); Norman-Neruda, The Climbs of (1899) Peaks, Passes and Glaciers (3 vols., 1859-1862); L.
  • It stands partly upon the narrow shore, and partly climbs the rocky slope behind.
  • The monitor, or forktongued lizard, which burrows in the earth, climbs and swims, is said to grow to a length of 8 to 9 f t.