Sentence Examples

  • But as the motion of rivers is not continually accelerated,and soon arrives at a state of uniformity,it is evident that the viscosity of the water, and the friction of the channel in which it descends, must equal the accelerating force.
  • At the end of the stroke, when his platform comes opposite to a corresponding platform on the other rod, he steps over on to the latter during the instant of rest prior to the reversal of the stroke, descends with the second rod on this down stroke, steps again at the proper time to a platform of the first rod and so on to the bottom.
  • In its upper course it traverses a higher plateau, whence, after passing the town of Landeshut, it descends through a narrow and fertile valley to Kupferberg.
  • Below are the Karkloof or Lower Falls, where in a series of beautiful cascades the water descends to the plain.
  • Beginning at the mouth of the Quarahy, the boundary line between Brazil and Argentina ascends the Uruguay, crosses to the source of the Santo Antonio, and descends that small stream and the Iguassu to the Parana, where it terminates.

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