Sentence Examples

  • Young's Around the World with General Grant (New York, 1880); Horace Porter's Campaigning with Grant (New York, 1897); James Ford Rhodes's History of the United States (vols.
  • Two considerable victories, Cravant (1423) and Verneuil (1424), marked the early years of Bedfords campaigning; at each, it may be noted, a very large proportion of his army was composed of Burgundian auxiliaries.
  • In 341 his army was still campaigning in eastern Thrace, when Philip felt compelled to show his presence in Thessaly.
  • He wrote Famous and Decisive Battles (1884), Campaigning with Crook (1890), and many popular romances of military life.
  • The battle was fought in the defile formed by the wood of Agincourt and that of Tramecourt, at the northern exit of which the army under d'Albret, constable of France, had placed itself so as to bar the way to Calais against the English forces which had been campaigning on the Somme.