Sentence Examples

  • Young's Around the World with General Grant (New York, 1880); Horace Porter's Campaigning with Grant (New York, 1897); James Ford Rhodes's History of the United States (vols.
  • Two considerable victories, Cravant (1423) and Verneuil (1424), marked the early years of Bedfords campaigning; at each, it may be noted, a very large proportion of his army was composed of Burgundian auxiliaries.
  • He wrote Famous and Decisive Battles (1884), Campaigning with Crook (1890), and many popular romances of military life.
  • In 341 his army was still campaigning in eastern Thrace, when Philip felt compelled to show his presence in Thessaly.
  • Her husband found campaigning in Flanders under Alva a welcome relief from domestic life; and, after having lost all he possessed by a forfeited security and tried without success the trade of tavern-keeping in the village of Elmendingen, he finally, in 1589, deserted his family.