Sentence Examples

  • A member of the royal family, the asafu d-daula, governor of Khorasan, left his government to urge his candidature for the post.
  • He supported Gambetta's candidature there in 1867, and in 1870 he founded an anti-imperial journal, L'Egalite.
  • He was accused of bribery during his candidature, and, in spite of Cicero's defence, was condemned.
  • Public opinion, excited by the prospect of a war with Chile, naturally supported the candidature of General Roca, and he elected without opposition (12th October 1898).
  • He took part in the revolution of 1868, wrote the "Manifesto of Cadiz," took office as colonial minister, favoured the candidature of the duc de Montpensier, resigned in 1871, returned to his early Conservative principles, and was a member of Alfonso XII.'s first cabinet.

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