Sentence Examples

  • The public buildings, which are large and handsome, include the government and customs offices on the quay opposite the spot where the mail boats anchor, the governor's house, state hospital, post office, and the Boma or barracks.
  • BOMA (properly Mboma), a port on the north bank of the river Congo about 60 m.
  • In 1884 the natives of Boma granted a protectorate of their country to the International Association of the Congo.
  • The scanty resources at the disposal of the state imposed a policy of restraint on the officers who were brought into relations with 1 The formal proclamation of sovereignty was made at Boma on the 1st of July 1885.
  • This despatch failed to evoke any response from the powers, with the single exception of Turkey, but the public agitation against the Congo State regime continued to grow in force, being greatly strengthened by the publication in February 1904 of a report by Mr Roger Casement, then British consul at Boma, on a journey which he had made through the middle Congo region in 1903 (described as the "Upper" Congo in the report).

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