Sentence Examples

  • He was removed from the magistracy and returned to England in 1652.
  • The attempt was not completely successful; but the government was now equally divided between the two estates by the creation of a supreme magistracy of twenty-four citizens - twelve nobles and twelve popolani.
  • From 1743 to 1774 came the personal rule of Louis XV., when all the different powers were in conflictthe bishops and parlement quarrelling, the government fighting against the clergy and the magistracy, and public opinion in declared opposition to the state.
  • The rich bourgeoisie began more achieve- and more to monopolize the magistracy; and though the country-people were somewhat relieved from the burden which had been crushing them, the working-classes remained impoverished, owing to the increase of prices which followed at a distance the rise of wages.
  • Claudius, who was a native of Lyons, extended the right of Roman citizenship to many of his fellow-townsmen, gave them access to the magistracy and to the senate, and supplemented the annexation of Gaul by that of Britain.

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