Sentence Examples

  • The name is used in Anglo-Saxon glossaries to translate various Latin terms for "War-goddess" or "Fury" (Bellona, Erinys, &c.).
  • In 1759, when captain of the "Vestal" (32), he captured the French "Bellona" (32) after a sharp action.
  • Private worship that it had to be suppressed by decree of the Senate in 186 B.C., and later on were established the cults of Ma of Phrygia, introduced by Sulla and identified with Bellona, the Egyptian Isis, and, after Pompey's war with the pirates, even the Persian Mithras.
  • The "Bellona" (74), commanded by Captain Thompson, and the "Russel" (74), commanded by Captain Cuming, ran ashore on the Middle Ground, but within range though at too great a distance for fully effective fire.
  • The other ships passed between the "Bellona" and "Russel" and the Danes.

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