Sentence Examples

  • If you plan on getting ready for prom on your own, including your hair, make sure you have all the right products at home before you begin to avoid an emergency trip to the store for more spray or an extra barrette.
  • Take a small trial or travel size bottle of hair spray with you to tame any strands that come loose, and be sure to tuck an extra bobby pin or barrette into your purse if your style uses them.
  • With a glue gun and the accessory of your choice- whether that be a headband, barrette or clip, you can create a custom piece that complements the style and hair type of your flower girls.
  • When choosing ribbon, bear in mind the occasion for the barrette and coordinate colors with any planned wardrobe, such as matching the bridal party colors for a wedding.
  • You can put it up for a special occasion, part the hair on either side, or pull it straight back from the face and gather it up with a decorative barrette or hair clip.

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