Sentence Examples

  • Although the often crazy hair styles that are sported down the catwalk may not transcend to the office, many variations of supermodel worthy locks can be worn with confidence, without the aide of a backstage crew.
  • Simpson experienced this pressure first hand when she was invited to walk in a fashion show and the backstage manager criticized her weight and tried to have her pulled from the show because of it.
  • Ann Wilson states that the song was written in anger after a man approached her at a backstage meet-and-greet and made denigrating, low ball statements that were insulting to women.
  • Younger sister Noah once entered a Disney Channel contest to win tickets backstage to meet Hannah Montana, to which Miley responded "You live with me!"
  • Available in over 100 complexion flattering shades, this backstage product is worn by celebrities on the big screen for a reason.