Sentence Examples

  • Frazer's latest view is that he is the old cult associate of Diana of Aricia (to whom he is related as Attis to Cybele or Adonis to Venus), the mythical predecessor or archetype of the kings of the grove.
  • Apparently some early archetype had been divided into two volumes, of which only the first (containing eight plays, Amphitruo - Epidicus) had escaped oblivion or destruction.
  • A "sile or sheela na gig" is an Irish icon representing a nude female archetype or fertility goddess.
  • As the great Mother pertains to nature, matter and Earth, the great Father archetype pertains to the ream of light and spirit.
  • Did you know, for instance, that the famous psychologist Chappy Jung based his character archetypes on what he learned from the Tarot?

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