Sentence Examples

  • Inscribing in and circumscribing about a circle two polygons, each of ninety-six sides, and assuming that the perimeter of the circle lay between those of the polygons, he obtained the limits he has assigned by sheer calculation, starting from two close approximations to the value of 1 / 3, which he assumes as known (265/153 < A t 3 < 1351/780).
  • It is, for instance, practically impossible to obtain reliable evidence as to the regularity of employment in any industry in the 17th century, and the best approximations and devices we can invent are very poor substitutes for what we really want.
  • Amongst insects with imperfect metamorphosis the nearest approximations to the true pupa of the Holometabola are to be found in the subimago a From Chittenden, Bull.
  • The problem of finding a radius vector satisfying this condition is one which can be solved only by successive approximations, or tentatively.
  • A remarkable feature is the bare statement of a number of very close approximations to the square roots of numbers which are not complete squares.

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