Sentence Examples

  • Of New Zealand and eastward of Antipodes Island.
  • That at Anzac, composed mainly of troops from the Antipodes, remained under Gen.
  • Along with these, similarly, hornblende and diabase occur in the Pelew Islands and gneiss and mica 1 These are dependencies of New Zealand, as are also the following islands and groups which lie apart from the main Polynesian clusters, nearer New Zealand itself: Antipodes Islands, Auckland Islands, Bounty Islands, Campbell Islands, Chatham Islands, Kermadec Islands.
  • The sodium ammonium salt is not capable of decomposition into its optical antipodes, as is sodium ammonium racemate.
  • A canon of St Omer (1120), this south land " unknown to the sons of Adam," is stated to be inhabited " according to the philosophers " by Antipodes.