Sentence Examples

  • He pulled her close, murmuring into her hair, "Just so you know, I plan to take those ankle socks off with my teeth later."
  • In all the groups which are at present arboreal, the palaeontological evidence goes to show that their ancestors were likewise so; while since, in the case of modern terrestrial forms, the structure of the wrist and ankle joints tends to approximate to the arboreal type, as we recede in time, the available evidence, so far as it goes, is in favour of Dr Matthew's contention.
  • The soldier's boot (caliga, from which the emperor Gaius derived his nickname, Caligula) was in reality a heavy hobnailed sandal with a number of straps wound round the ankle and lower leg.
  • The joint between the femur and tibia, corresponding to the knee of man, is called the " stifle-joint "; that between the tibia and tarsus, corresponding to the ankle of man, the " hock."

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