Sentence Examples

  • He had pernicious anemia at age 49 years.
  • This can in turn lead to brain damage, color blindness, anemia, tremors, confusion and loss of coordination, to name a few possible effects -- which in elderly patients can then be misdiagnosed as Alzheimers disease or senile dementia.
  • Sometimes curable by bone marrow transplant, but potentially fatal, aplastic anemia is characterized by decreased production of red and white blood cells and platelets (disc-shaped cells that are a key component of blood coagulation).
  • Overhydration can cause acidosis (a condition in which blood and body tissues have an abnormally high acid content), anemia, cyanosis (a condition that occurs when oxygen levels in the blood drop sharply), hemorrhage, and shock.
  • Severe anemia may lead to other serious conditions, particularly if oxygen delivery is compromised for long periods of time or RBC destruction is more rapid than can be controlled by normal RBC replacement or specific treatment.