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  • Oysters do not flourish in water containing less than 3% salt; and hence they are absent from the Baltic. The chief enemies of oysters are the dog-whelk, Purpura lapillus, and the whelk-tingle, Murex erinaceus, which bore through the shells.
  • Formerly it was used, as the origin of the name shows, of the deep crimson colour called in Latin Purpura, purpureus and in Greek 7rop41upa, irop4 peos (from 7ropcupecv, to grow dark, especially used of the sea).
  • This was properly the name of the shellfish (Purpura, Murex) which yielded the famous Tyrian dye, the particular mark of the dress of emperors, kings, chief magistrates and other dignitaries, whence "the purple" still signifies the rank of emperors or kings.
  • " Anomia " (1854), " Mytilus " (1856), " Dentalium " (1856-1857), " Purpura " (1859), " Haliotis (1859), " Vermetus " (1860).
  • It is the adrectal gland, and in the genera Murex and Purpura secretes a colourless liquid which turns purple upon exposure to the atmosphere, and was used by the ancients as a dye.

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