Sentence Examples

  • BISALTAE, a Thracian people on the lower Strymon (Struma; Karasu, "black water"), in the district between Amphipolis and Heraclea Sintica on the east and Crestonice on the west.
  • Owing to the distribution of the mountain-chains, the principal rivers flow in an easterly or southeasterly direction; the Danube falls into the Black Sea; the Maritza, Mesta, Struma (Strymon), Vardar and Salambria into the Aegean.
  • Frankly began its march over Jumaya Pass into the Struma valley, heading for Seres.
  • Of `Ali Riza's 25 divisions, 3 were scattered between Prishtina and the Austrian frontier, 31 at Scutari, z at Dibra, and i at Prizren; 2 opposing the Greek main army in Thessaly and 2 the Greek secondary army in Epirus; 3 in the Struma valley and i guarding the railway between Veles and Salonika, making, in all, 16 which were totally unavailable for battle in the decisive theatre.'
  • Had still further economies been practised (in the Struma valley for instance) this handicap might have disappeared.