Sentence Examples

  • While there, he negotiated (1799) a treaty of amity and commerce with Prussia.
  • Not long after the return of the pope the amity between the Vatican and the Tuileries was again broken.
  • Is execrated for having done," namely, securing peace and amity with their powerful neighbour.
  • The English claimed the right to trade with all Spanish possessions in or out of Europe by virtue of their treaty of trade and amity made in the reign of Charles V.
  • Elizabeth never forgave him; but Cecil corresponded with the Scottish lords, and their answer in July 1559, in Knox's handwriting, assures England not only of their own constancy, but of "a charge and commandment to our posterity, that the amity and league between you and us, contracted and begun in Christ Jesus, may by them be kept inviolated for ever."