Sentence Examples

  • The boundary with British Honduras was determined by a treaty of 1893 and is formed in great part by the Hondo river down to the head of Chetumal Bay, and thence through that bay to the Boca Bacalar Chicathe channel separating Yucatan from Ambergris Cay.
  • As in Abd-el-Kuri ambergris is found on its shores and turtles abound.
  • Anbar, probably through the Spanish, but this word referred originally to ambergris, which is an animal substance quite distinct from yellow amber.
  • If so, the word may be derived from the Semitic ambar (ambergris) to which Eastern nations attribute miraculous properties.
  • The substance called "ambergris," formerly used in medicine and now in perfumery, is a concretion formed in the intestine of this whale, and found floating on the surface of the sea.