Sentence Examples

  • It is a well-ascertained fact that the insulator, gutta-percha, is, when kept under water, practically imperishable, so that it is only the original strength of the sheathing wires and the deterioration allowable in them that have to be considered.
  • The determination of an ocean surrounding the inhabited earth he declared to be based on a mere hypothesis and that it would be equally allowable to describe the Erythraea as a sea surrounded by land.
  • It was agreed that "lay assistants" were allowable, but only in cases of necessity.
  • A ratio of 48 to is the minimum allowable; better 60 to 75 to 1, and for highly tempered steel ropes ratios of 150 to i or more are desirable.
  • It is allowable to deceive an enemy by fabricated despatches purporting to come from his own side; by tampering with telegraph 1112Ssages; by spreading false intelligence in newspapers; by sending pretended spies and deserters to give him untrue reports of the numbers or movements of the troops; by employing false signals to lure him into an ambuscade.

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