Sentence Examples

  • Although many girls opt for their favorite collegiate/professional team or a general all-around sports theme like those featured above, some like to have kids sports bedding with more of a feminine touch.
  • People like to have enough comforter to be able to either roll themselves up in it or to share with another person, so you may want to buy a comforter that can do double duty as an all-around blanket.
  • This is great for posture, back safety and other areas not related to aesthetics, so think of it as an all-around good habit to give your abs at least one good workout per week.
  • Depending upon your personal preference, you can purchase your maternity bottoms in no belly, under belly, mid-belly, classic belly, miracle belly, or all-around belly styles.
  • There are all-around performing arts camps that do a little bit of everything, as well as more specialized camps for just one performing art, such as acting or dancing.