Sentence Examples

  • Few students want to drive around the family minivan when they go out with friends, but buying a flashy, sporty car is a surefire way to drain your bank account when it comes time to pay for the insurance policy.
  • These days, even some dealerships and used car lots offer minivan rentals in hopes of helping you decide which type of minivan you want to buy so you can drive it a while and compare minivans before you buy!
  • It has been twenty-five years since Chrysler's Lee Iacocca introduced the minivan to families everywhere and since then, the Honda Odyssey remains at or near the top of the list in each review it receives.
  • You can visit their website and make a reservation by inserting the date you need the minivan, the date you'll be returning it, and where you want to pick it up and instantly receive a confirmation number.
  • If you're not sure exactly what type of floor mats you need for your minivan, it's best to visit an online website where you can search or call a toll-free number before you decide to buy a used floor mat.