Sentence Examples

  • GLYCOLS, in organic chemistry, the generic name given to the aliphatic dihydric alcohols.
  • They are compounds which greatly resemble the mixed ethers of the aliphatic series.
  • Two distinct types of hydrocarbons exist: (1) those consisting of an open chain of carbon atoms - named the " aliphatic series " (i.XEicAap, oil or fat), and (2) those consisting of a closed chain - the " carbocyclic series."
  • Into two groups: (r) those exhibiting properties closely analogous to the aliphatic series - the polymethylenes, and (2) a series exhibiting properties differing in many respects from the aliphatic and polymethylene compounds, and characterized by a peculiar stability which is to be associated with the disposition of certain carbon valencies not saturated by hydrogen - the " aromatic series."
  • We now proceed to discuss the types of aliphatic compounds; then, the characteristic groupings having been established, an epitome of their derivatives will be given.

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